" The essence of modern luxury. "

Suzy Menkes

" Being a fashion nomad is in my blood. I've never not been that person. Travel fuels my creativity. "

Graeme Black

" Graeme's clothes don't just work on the runway - he is brilliant at dressing real women with real bodies. It's all about a very modern, easy glamour. "

Yasmin Le Bon

" The joy is in the hidden luxe. Putting emphasis on the craft and quality are key. "

Graeme Black

" No one understands cashmere like Graeme Black. He understands the international business from goat to coat. He really is beyond compare… "

Marion Hume

" ... yet there’s another element; he strives for elegance. What woman making the investment of an heirloom cashmere piece could ask for more? "

Marion Hume

" Graeme Black is a master of tailoring and technique: a romantic whose aesthetic is firmly rooted in the daily needs of a modern woman's wardrobe... "

Paula Reed

" … his instinct for luxury is underpinned by an intrinsic understanding of the practical: a seductive combination. "

Paula Reed

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